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Hello, Kon Nichi Wa




Tori Paitan ramen uses entire umami flavor extracted from

Torigara (chicken bone stock) that was stewed for a long time

over a high fire until it becomes cloudy creamy white.

The stock includes a lot amount of collagen.



One of the most popular broth,

"Wafu-dashi (Japanese traditional stock)" is used for this ramen. 

Usually, soup is slowly and carefully boiled and stewed

with Kombu (kelp), and then blended with Bonito flakes.

However, we use Shitake mushrooms that goes well with Kombu. 

The dashi comes out through a coffee filter in order to avoid

having too much shitake flavor, and we make the fresh

one each time as the order comes in.


NOODLES have 2 options 

Extreme thin and straight noodle・Medium thick and wrinkled noodle

 ・The extreme thin noodle is the noodle that has been regularly used in Hakata where the founder, Hideto Kawahara, is from. 

This type of noodle is manufactured with the extremely limited amount of water, so it brings the strong taste of the flour

flavor as the main feature. It absorbs the flavor and makes a good balance between the noodle and the soup.

・The medium thick wrinkled noodle keeps the well balanced texture and the freshness and it goes down well with the soup. 


Please tell us if you need more information. 




We order and import the customized soy sauce that has been exclusively manufactured by the Japanese traditional brewery in Fukuoka, Japan since 1856. 

In general, ramen restaurants tend to use lots of blended seasonings. However, we succeeded to produce the ramen that has no MSG due to many years of the research conducted by the founder Hideto Kawahara. 

Even little children are able to eat them safely. 







Our toppings were selected specifically for our ramen based on the textures and the flavors. 

Chicken Chasu (belly) is cooked slowly with the low temperature to keep the Umami (flavor) of the chicken. 

We sincerely prepare these selected ingredients for our customers to have them enjoy and eat the ramen safely. 








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